Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of a County is an Honorary Officer appointed by The Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister.

Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant is Mrs Annie Maw

In Henry VIII’s reign, the Lord-Lieutenant was originally responsible for maintenance of order and local defence; today the Lieutenancy supports our Monarch and the Royal Family in different ways.

Lord Lieutenants are Her Majesty’s representatives in the county and required to uphold the dignity of the Crown. Essentially non-political, they play a varied role in the community of which the ceremonial aspect is only one part.

The Lord-Lieutenant has wide discretion in the tasks that are undertaken and how duties are carried out, but essentially, the Lieutenancy aims to connect people, organisations and social networks so that those who live and work in our county identify with it and have a sense of belonging and social inclusion. You can find out more about what we do here

Accordingly, within Somerset the Lieutenancy primarily addresses its traditional areas of work: arranging royal visits; honours and awards; liaison with the Armed Forces and cadets; participation in civic activities; and, support to voluntary endeavour.

Mrs Maw also wants the Lieutenancy to contribute to the sense of pride and place that is enjoyed by many within Somerset. Collectively the Lieutenancy acknowledges the need to advance further understanding within the county between North and South, East and West as well as appreciating the benefit of living alongside neighbouring counties.

In particular, the Lieutenancy can help you or your organisation by acting as a conduit to the Royal Family, the National Honours system and giving recognition to voluntary service, faith groups and charitable organisations.