In recognition of Her Majesty The Queen’s 70th year as our Monarch and Head of the Commonwealth more than 1,500 beacons will be lit. The beacons will be lit throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and UK Overseas Territories, and one in each of the capital cities of Commonwealth countries.

The beacons will enable local communities, individuals and organisations to pay tribute to her as part of the official Platinum Jubilee Weekend of celebrations from 2 to 5 June 2022.

You can view and download The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons 2 June 2022 – Your guide to taking part here

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons update letter – October 2021

Find out how to register a beacon below.

Guide to registering a beacon

Step 1 - Confirm your involvement

To confirm your involvement and make important communication as easy as possible please register and provide the information listed below by email to:

Please do this as soon as possible, but no later than 1 June 2022.

Information to include in your email

  • Name and job title of contact/coordinator
  • Name of council or organisation (if applicable)
  • Is it a public or private event (see note below)
  • Name of piper (if applicable)
  • Name of town crier (if applicable)
  • Name of choir (if applicable)
  • Postal address including county and postcode
  • Phone number – landline
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Beacon location – if known when registering, please include the postcode or grid reference

Please also send a copy of your information to the Somerset Lieutenancy Office:
Julia Knight or Justin Fudge

Please note – If your event is a private occasion and NOT open to the public, and you do not want your involvement shown on any public or media listing, it is important that you confirm this when providing information. Your participation will still be noted as part of this important event but NOT made public. However, if your event IS open to the public, your contact details will be shared with the media so that they can contact you direct to arrange any publicity and/or coverage of your event.

Public or private event

Ensure you have completed all the safety measures outlined on pages 11 and 12 before lighting your beacon. Alert the emergency services, including the Fire Brigade, undertake any risk assessments required and ensure everyone involved is happy and familiar with your plans. (This is your responsibility as coordinator).

Beacon lighting ceremony – 2 June 2022

Please light your Beacon at 9.15pm.

Step 2 - How to take part

Consider inviting your Lord Lieutenant, Deputy Lieutenant, Lord Mayor, High Sheriff, High Steward, Lord Provost, Chairman or Leader of the Council to light your beacon at 9.15pm. Or you may like to organise a competition (in partnership with your local media) with the winner having the honour of lighting the beacon.

Step 3 - Consider photos

You might also consider having professional photographs taken during your event. Immediately after, please send no more than two high quality, copyright-free photographs to Include the name of the photographer, the beacon location, county, country and postcode, along with the name of the council or organisation.

Step 4 - Social Media

If appropriate, use social media channels to promote your event. On Facebook, post photographs of your beacon lighting ceremony.

Step 5 - Publicise your event

We will provide you with a press release template which you can localise, providing as much information as you wish regarding your event and including your contact details. You can send this to your local media to enable them to contact you.