Serving His Majesty The King and the community of Somerset

A map of Somerset with boundaries drawn to create areas for the north west, north east, west and east.

Somerset Lieutenancy covers the historic County of Somerset (that is the areas administered by Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset, and Somerset Councils).

The total population of these areas at the last census was 908,700.

The Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset is Mohammed Saddiq, and the Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset is Ted Allen.

Somerset North West Deputy Lieutenants

Area: North Somerset Council

  • Denis Burn
  • Giles Clarke
  • Julie Elton
  • Sarah Mead
  • Tim Mead
  • Marlin Thatcher
  • Peter Wall

Somerset North East Deputy Lieutenants

Area: Bath and North East Somerset

  • Edward Bayntun-Coward
  • Neil Dowdney
  • Robbie Drewett
  • David Medlock
  • Thomas Rees-Mogg
  • Thomas Sheppard
  • Ian White

Somerset West Deputy Lieutenants

Area: Somerset Council

  • Ian Moncrieff
  • Nigel Beacom
  • Chris Davies
  • Colin Drummond
  • Clare Jordan
  • Ian Kelham
  • Pradeep Madhavan
  • Polly Marsh
  • Gordon Messenger
  • Tom Mayberry
  • Michael Motum
  • Clinton Rogers
  • Richard Toomey
  • Olivia Winterton
  • Peter Wyman

Somerset East Deputy Lieutenants

Area: Somerset Council

  • Ted Allen, Vice Lord-Lieutenant
  • Lucy Nelson
  • Jennifer Achiro
  • Alexander Priest
  • Justin Sargent
  • Jane Sedgman

Further information

More information about each of the Deputy Lieutenants of Somerset is available on our Deputy Lieutenants page.

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