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Upholding the Crown’s dignity, fostering community spirit, and supporting voluntary and charitable efforts in a non-political, honorary role.



The Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset and all Deputy Lieutenants are volunteers and the titles are honorary. Aside from royal duties, Lord-Lieutenants promote and encourage voluntary and charitable organisations and take an interest in the business, urban and rural, and social life of the county. They have wide discretion in how they carry out their tasks and in those they choose to undertake. However, certain duties are expected of the Lord-Lieutenant and they are broadly classified as below.

As the sovereign’s representative in his or her area, the Lord-Lieutenant remains non-political and does not hold office in any political party. It is their foremost duty to uphold the dignity of the Crown. In so doing, they seek to promote a spirit of co-operation and good atmosphere by supporting voluntary and benevolent organisations and by the interest they take in all aspects of business and social life of their counties.

The union jack flag with a gold crown and sword

The title Lord-Lieutenant is given to the British Monarch’s personal representative in each of the United Kingdom’s ceremonial counties. They have performed various tasks throughout history including raising local militia units and numerous ceremonial duties, but today, the responsibilities of Lord-Lieutenants include:

  • All aspects of visits by members of the Royal Family, and escorting Royal Visitors
  • Presentation of awards and medals on behalf of The King
  • Representing The King at a variety of events
  • Liaison with local units of the Armed Forces including Reserve Forces and Cadets
  • Participation in and support to civic, voluntary and voluntary local business activity within the Lieutenancy
  • Advising on honours nominations
  • Citizenship ceremonies
  • Chairing the Advisory Committee that recommends appointment of magistrates to the Lord Chancellor
  • Selecting, appointing and making appropriate use of a Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants

Our current Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset is Mr Mohammed Saddiq

The Lord-Lieutenant is supported by a Vice Lord-Lieutenant and by Deputy Lieutenants, whom he appoints from people who have rendered particular service to the county in a variety of ways; the number depending on the size of population.

The current Vice Lieutenant is Edward (Ted) Allen Esq

The number of Deputy Lieutenants depends on the population of the county. For further information please visit our list of Deputy Lieutenants.

Lord-Lieutenants normally retire at 75 although it is possible for them to retire earlier if they so wish.

On ceremonial occasions, Lord-Lieutenants wear uniform or a special badge. For further information please visit our etiquette and protocol page.

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